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Before I share how to contact me, I want to help you. I will share the ultimate secret for becoming 10x more productive, which will take you less than 10 minutes to implement.

To 10x your productivity in the next 10 minutes, do the following 3 things:

#1. Phone calls and video conference calls for “virtual coffee” or to explore ways to collaborate are the single most inefficient action that can be taken by anyone in business. Your 1-Minute Action: Immediately stop accepting any phone calls or video conference calls unless it is under 20 minutes with a clear agenda that will require no additional creation from any party involved.

#2. Email is the most inefficient form of communication. Your 2-Minute Action: Stop responding to emails. Create an auto-response that mentions that you will no longer be checking emails and, instead, give them a place to message you that you own and control, not big social media. (Make a private email address that you don’t give out for ‘all the things’ that require email.)

#3. Stop responding to messages on social media. Your 6-Minute Action: You need to hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) from and pay them $6.00/hour for less than 3 hours per week. During that 3 hours, they can go through all of your messages and clear them out, leaving only the ones you need to respond to and redirecting the rest to your private messaging system.

You could pay a productivity coach $100k, and they would not share advice with you this sound. Trust me; if you do these 3 things, you’ll be more successful in every avenue of life and business. Take it seriously!

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