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How Creating a Brand Became a Top 20 Entrepreneurship Podcast

This blog post you’re about to read comes strictly from a place of humility and a desire to help others achieve the same outcome. I mention the stats below as credibility, not from a place of bragging. This is my story of how I created a top 20 Entrepreneurship podcast on Apple and how you can do the same.

I’m going to quickly share some screenshots and timelines with you of our post launch, just for credibility and so you understand the timeline. THEN, we’ll get into the details of HOW we made it happen.

Creating a Brand Podcast Launched 07/02/2019

We launched the Creating a Brand podcast after recording the entire first season, 13 episodes. Please note: We had a very small audience, including social media following when we launched.

Featured by Apple 07/11/2019

Within two weeks after launching, Apple featured us in the New & Noteworthy section on the Business category for 8 weeks. Which is the maximum amount of time a podcast can be featured in this section.

Featured by Apple 07/13/2019

Within two weeks after launching, Apple featured us in the New & Noteworthy section our sub category, Education. It stayed featured here for close to two weeks!

Top-100 Business Podcast 07/16/2019

Exactly two weeks after launching, the Creating a Brand Podcast reached the Top-100 Business Podcast list!

Top 20 Entrepreneurship Podcast 09/19/2019

A couple of months later, the Creating a Brand Podcast reached the Top-25 Charts in the entrepreneurship category!

Creating a brand the top 20 entrepreneurship podcast

Apple Top Charts (All Podcasts) 09/21/2019

Then, it happened. The Creating a Brand Podcast reached the Apple Top Charts for ALL podcasts! (#197 out of #200, but still, what an honor to be on this list!)

Top 20 entrepreneurship podcast and featured on the top charts

Our Current Ranking: Today

The Creating a Brand Podcast continues to be a top rated entrepreneurship and business podcast; focused on helping other succeed! We now sit among the top 2,000 podcasts globally at any given time, and on Tuesday’s, when we post new episodes, we see a spike.

Creating a brand the top 20 entrepreneurship podcast on apple

Now for what you came for…

6 points that explain how the Creating a Brand Podcast became a top rated podcast AND how you can do the same.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I do not have a large social media following (or massive group of friends) I leveraged a small audience to yield massive results. When celebrities launch a podcast it ‘automatically’ becomes top rated because of their audience. I didn’t have anything like this. In fact, my audience today is still very small.

Alright, I’m glad we got that out of the way…. Onward, my friends!

POINT# 1: Figure out your plan and strategy.

Although I do not recommend waiting long to start your podcast, or even as long as I did, it will cause you to become more successful.

It all started back in 2018…

In December 2018 I decided it was time to go all in with an idea for a podcast. I knew that I wanted to go beyond just my blogging content and this was the direction I wanted to take. Here is Creating a Brand’s pre-launch timeline starting in January 2019:

  • January – Planned the name, the idea and the idea for the podcast.
  • February – Started learning the tools I would need to make it happen.
  • February – Recorded my first episode then began scheduling more.
  • March – Searched for more guests and recorded with a few.
  • April – Launched the website
  • May – Recorded with the final group of guests that would make up the first season.
  • June – Mastered and organized the season and planned the launch strategy.
  • July 2nd 2019 – Podcast launch date!

For more on each of the items above, how I made this happen, how I landed big guests before I had a podcast and many other things, check out this completely free course (I don’t even want your email address).

A 9 Step Guide for Launching a Successful Podcast

A 9 Step Guide for Launching a Successful Podcast

POINT# 2: Copy what others have done.

If you want to launch a top rated podcast, this second point is really the only thing you need to do. So pay attention here.

If you’ve followed me for any time at all, you’ve heard me use this quote from Tony Robbins:

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”

The first thing I did to launch what ended up becoming a top 20 entrepreneurship podcast on apple was follow the success plan.

I learned everything I could about launching a successful podcast from people with large podcast who did it wrong, and from other coaches who did it right. The point is, take it seriously! Put time and energy into it.

I pulled elements from top-rated podcasts.

I started listening to every top rated podcast that seemed to fit the mold for what I wanted to create. Then I pulled the best elements from each show to create what became, the Creating a Brand Podcast.

If you’re serious about launching a top rated podcast, take a look at this course that I offer, How to Launch a Top 100 Podcast.

The Course That Teaches You How to Launch a Top 100 Podcast

POINT# 3: Intentionally leverage the audience you have.

Remember my first point, that entire planning/strategy phase? Well, during those 7 months, I TOLD people about what I was doing. I was getting them “warmed up” for my launch. Throughout this time, I helped share hundreds of people’s content and with small projects. When the day came that I would ask for something, they were all ready.

The day I launched, I had hundreds of people on my side, ready to share my newly published episodes. Here’s what I asked of them:

  • Please listen to my new podcast.
  • Leave a 5-star rating and a review on Apple.
  • Share it with 3-5 people that you know it would add value to.
  • Ask those 3-5 people to leave a review on Apple AND send it to 1-2 people that they know would benefit from hearing it.
  • Please share my announcement of the podcast launching post on your social media

POINT# 4: Focus on adding value every chance you get.

After this, I focused on getting my episodes in front of everyone that I believed they would help. And I mean everyone. I did searches on social media for the topics I was covering, I sent the episode to people in a value adding (not saley) way.

I had time to do this because I had focused on getting my entire season recorded and scheduled before I ever launched. So, this allowed me to really spend the time getting the content out to people.

POINT# 5: Get connected with other podcasters.

This is the point that I wished I would have done sooner. I wish that I would have connected with other podcasters SOONER. This means a few things.

  • Be a guest on podcasts before starting your own. ( is the single easiest/best way to get booked on podcasts.)
  • Attend podcasting conferences. (My favorite is Podfest, they are always doing something!)
  • Join a podcasting network. (Get yourself into a community. Check out the PodMatch Community, it’s a great place that hundreds of podcasters call home.)

POINT# 6: Never stop hustling.

When I published this blog post, it was just after I finished up the 1 year anniversary episode, which I encourage you to listen to. One of my main points was to keep hustling. Do the things that you don’t want to do but that you know will grow your audience.

I’ll end this post with a quote from Jerry Rice,

“Today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t”

So… This is how Creating a Brand became a top 20 entrepreneurship podcast. I hope that this information that I shared serves you well today. If you have any questions at all, I’d love to have you join the PodMatch Community. Once you join, shoot me a direct message and we can chat through your questions!