I recently spoke at a WordPress Meetup group about how to effectively manage a blog. During this session, I asked everyone in attendance a question. “By a show of hands, how many of you are busy and don’t have a lot extra time?” You can probably guess the response that I received…

Everyone’s hands went up! (“and they stayed there” – Just kidding)

We’re in a busy world, none of us have extra time to add more to our plates. However, if you have any sort of online brand; blogging is important for you to be involved in.

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In this blog post today, I will share 4 ideas that will help you manage a blog even when you have a busy schedule.

4 ways I effectively manage a blog even with my busy schedule:

#1. Use the built-in scheduling feature for your blog posts.

This is a mindset shift that happened for me years ago and really helped me a lot! I got away from the idea that I needed to be writing blog posts as I was going to post them. I started having blog posts finished 1 week before they would be posted. This was a very simple game changer for me.

#2. Keep a journal or notepad of ideas, always be writing then move them to your drafts folders.

This is when blogging turns into a bit of lifestyle instead of just something random that you do when you have time. I use my iPhone notes to write quick thoughts or anything that inspires me. Once I am in front of a computer, I move that idea, and add a few more thoughts to it, then add it to the draft section of my WordPress blog. By doing this, you’re always be coming up with additional content!

#3. Get guest posts on your blog. Find professionals on the topics you cover.

A fantastic way to manage a blog effectively is to not always be the person writing. There are a lot of people who want to guest post; begin seeking them out! Having people guest post on your blog does a few things:

  • Frees up your time to get more content done for the future.
  • Brings an additional person’s audience to your website.
  • Helps you form a community around the blog hat you are building.

Want to see this in action? Get inspired by this multi author blog that I run: ‘DailyPS.com‘ »

#4. Scheduling time weekly to focus on writing is key building a successful blog.

Focusing on what really matters in your life is key. If you say a blog is important for you to do, treat it like it is! Decide on a schedule and stick to it. I have applied this by intentionally blocking out time on my calendar. When people ask me if I can hangout during a time slot that I’ve already scheduled myself to be writing blog posts, I tell them that I’m focusing on my writing at that time. I encourage you to begin doing the same. Take it seriously and get scheduled.

This is how I effectively manage a blog with my busy schedule. We’re all busy people, but I firmly believe that if we can work on these four points above, we can begin to build a blog that will stand out and gain a large following!