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Blogging has been my passion since 2012. Expressing myself through writing energizes me. I’ve devoted much of my time to writing content worth reading.


Like everyone else, I want my content to get noticed. Join me on a journey of understanding how to market our brand so our content that gets noticed.


Influence is leadership. We all have it to some extent. I’ve devoted my life to becoming the best leader can. Let’s learn to lead together.

Featured In The Florida Times Union & Jacksonville.com

I was recognized for developing a successful side hustle; which is also one of my main focuses that I help coach others to achieve for themselves!


Alex Sanfilippo Featured In The Florida Times Union and Jacksonville.com

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  • Alex has been very helpful for my business over the years. He's ability to create strategy and execute is amazing!
    Aaron Neo
    Marketing Administrator
  • “Finally! This is the first book that made SEO simple for me. I'm already seeing some great results from the changes I've made!”
    Alecia Nicole
    Adorn Apparel, CEO
  • “I have been able to make practical changes after reading this SEO book. It is an easy read and implementing the changes were even easier. You'll see positive results immediately!”
    Virginia DePratter
    DailyPS, Manager
  • Alex is an expert achiever. When the vision is clear he makes it happen!
    Business Owner

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