Are you a blogger, author or content creator? Me too. Marketing is an entirely different language. But, it’s one that copywriters need to at least understand the basics of. In this post I am going to share 3 simple marketing tips for non-marketers.

3 simple marketing tips for non-marketers:

#1. Google Trends

This is so easy to use. It will help you find topics to write on that are trending on Google. What is going to get more viability? Here’s a pro tip for you, don’t look for what is the highest on the trending list. Everyone is already trying to rank for that. You want to search for trends within your niche that are smaller, more focused but seem to be experiencing a spike in search.

Here’s a link to start using Google Trends:

Keep in mind, it’s free and you don’t have to register an account or anything. It’s there for everyone’s viewing pleasure!

#2. Facebook Links

This is a great one to see what is trending for specific topics on Facebook. Here’s how you get to it:

Facebook > Search (top bar) > Results > Filter: Links (option on the far right)

This is external links that are being shared the most on Facebook. Sort of “trending” for Facebook. From here you can see what people are sharing on the topics you’re looking to rank for. It’s great for inspiration on what to write about, and also how to form you titles. You’ll learn a lot from researching the different links that have been shared. This is another great tool that I’ve began to use a lot.

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#3. Google AdWords

I know what you’re thinking; and you’re right. This one isn’t free. (Boo!) But, many of us who have a Gmail account or a Google Business profile set up have received coupons to run up to $50.00 or $100.00 of AdWords to test the service. Even if you haven’t received these coupons, I still highly recommend to spend a little bit of money. Just test out how you rank and what happens with your traffic when you advertise with Google.

It’s quick and easy to set your advertisement. Take a little bit of time to figure out what you want your add keywords to be. Use Google Trends to get ideas. You may end up seeing great success from this service.


Spend some time looking up trends within your specific niche that you write in. Set your keywords and search intent to match them. Spend some time on Facebook Links. See what people seem to be loving to share right now, copy that type of content. And lastly, spend a little bit of cash to do some testing with Google AdWords! See if using those correct ads with Google increase your traffic.

I hope that you enjoyed these 3 simple marketing tips for non-marketers. Get ready for more visitors to your website!