For Your WordCamp Speaker Consideration:
Alex Sanfilippo

I’ve made the slides/notes available to you on this page. Please download them and review them as you continue to develop your blog!
– Regards, Alex Sanfilippo

To learn more about my experience with blogging, please visit I am the founder of this multi author blog. We currently have 60+ authors on DailyPS. I handle all of the website development and team management. If you would like to see my content exclusively, please visit my author page.

I have 10+ years of experience in small business upper-level management along with a few years experience in the corporate business world. To see more about my business background, please check out my LinkedIn page. I enjoy any business Q&A panels and I lead business management/strategy meetings regularly.


Click Here to View My Talk Slides
How to Create A Successful WordPress Blog (WordCamp Talk)
Business Panel or Business Q&A
I’m interested in being part of any business sessions.
WordPress Beginners / Basics
Covering the basics for starting a website or blog.