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Communicating With Alex

I respect your time, and I value my time. Because of this, I want to ensure that we use any time together as efficiently as possible. Below I’ve listed the best way for us to communicate.

Communication methods that Alex doesn’t use:

No Phone calls.
Phone calls and video conference calls for “virtual coffee” or to explore ways to collaborate are the single most inefficient action that can be taken by anyone in business.

No Emailing.
Email is the most inefficient form of communication. Let’s skip emailing each other.

No Messaging on Big Social Media.
Messaging on social media is a never-ending battle of clutter, filtering, and distraction. Let’s skip using big social media.

If you’d like to collaborate with Alex Sanfilippo, the single best way to make this happen is by filling out his/his company collaboration form, here:

Hang with Alex

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Chat with Alex

Chat with Alex directly.

Engage with Alex

Comment on one of his latest posts.